The fire that devastated a good part of the Amazon Region in 2019 did not reach the land of Ikpeng, in Médio Xingu, Mato Grosso. But it was not due to pure luck. On the contrary. With support from the Socio-Environmental Institute (ISA), the communities are part of the “Fire Management” project, which works with the problem with the people from Médio, Baixo and Alto Xingu. The efforts intensified in 2015, with a contribution from the National Fund on Climate Change. However, it started in 2010, when the indigenous peoples began to adapt their traditional practices and took measures to prevent the fire (always used on the territory of the Xingu for planting, in land management, and other activities, such as the collection of materials for housebuilding) from creating forest fires. “Today we’re taking great care with the use of fire. Because it was resulting in much damage, and destroying our natural resources,” says Antenu Ikpeng, a fireman from PrevFogo, in an article published by Clara Roman, of ISA, in Medium. “The forest is our market,” he concludes. Read the full text .

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