Data comes from exclusive research by the Pólis Institute and IPEC, carried out with support from iCS, which also shows: most interviewees are worried about the future

Exclusive research by the Pólis Institute, carried out by IPEC (Intelligence in Research and Strategic Consulting) throughout the national territory, with support from iCS, shows the size of the impact of climate change on the Brazilian population. According to the survey, 7 out of 10 Brazilians have experienced at least one extreme event associated with climate change. The vast majority of Brazilians (84%) are concerned about the future and support investments in renewable energy sources – amidst a scenario of storms, extratropical cyclones, droughts and other events that made the national news last year.

Almost the entire population (98%) believes that extreme events will continue to happen. Find out more details and the full survey here.

The following are the press reports:


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