Published by El Pais, the letter delivered to the president, by institutions from Latin America and the Caribbean, suggests at least six commitments to be worked on by the Brazilian leadership

Around 20 civil society organizations from Latin America and the Caribbean sent a letter to President Lula asking for a commitment in measures to combat the climate crisis during the Brazilian leadership at the G20, reported El País. The document suggests six commitments for the Brazilian presidency, such as: a solution to the enormous debts and disparities that impede developing countries from achieving a just response to the climate crisis and avoiding a new wave of external debt in the Global South; leadership of the G20 countries in the progressive elimination of oil, gas and coal, with a 40% reduction of fossil fuel production up to 2030; implementation of the commitment assumed by the group to triple the global renewable energy capacity, with support for the implementation of wind and solar energy, modern bioenergy and green hydrogen production in the developing regions; collaboration with Latin America and the Caribbean to promote environmental and social safeguards in the just energy transition, both in mining and renewable energy generation.

The letter delivered to the Brazilian president also highlights the need to “support the Latin American countries in the search for zero deforestation, combating gold mining and the conservation of 80% of the Amazon up to 2030, avoiding the point of no return of the biome; and, finally, the guarantee of the continuity of the adaptation agenda to the climate crisis.”

Among the organizations that signed the letter are the Talanoa Institute, the International Energy Initiative (IEI Brazil), the Climate Observatory (OC), the Institute of Socioeconomic Studies (INESC), the Institute for Indigenous Research and Training (Iepé), Revolusolar and the Brazilian Institute for Consumer Protection (Idec), which are supported by iCS.

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